Cupid and Psyche

Origin: European Greek Theme: Curiosity can get one in trouble, but devotion and love can mend a difficult situation. Read more
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The Lizard and the Sun

Origin: Central American Theme: The smallest can be the most important and answers are some times right in front of your eyes if you look. Read more
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La Llorona

Origin: Mexican  Theme: The pain of tragedy and betrayal and how acting in violence can perpetuate the pain. Read more
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Why the Moon is Free

Origin: Mexican

Theme: The feminine cannot be controlled or dominated.

The Sun, el Sol, loved the Moon, la Luna. He thought she was so pale and lovely, that he longed to have her for his wife.

“You are more Read more

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Juan Bobo

Origin: Mexican Theme: Silliness isn’t always silly, innocence and a kind heart win out. Read more
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Origin: Indian Hindu Theme: The hero can face all adversity and win, and save his love and reunite his family. Read more
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John the True

Origin: Scottish Theme: The loyalty of a friend can overcome extreme difficulties. Read more
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Keep on Steppin’

Origin: U.S. African American Theme: Sometimes you have to endure abuse, but you can break free and leave. Read more
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Abuela’s Pride

Origin: Original WHEEL Council Story Theme: Grandmothers have important lessons that can change the adversity of impoverished neighborhoods. Read more
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The People Could Fly

Origin: U.S. African American Theme: The mystical can help one transcend adversity. Read more
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