Storytelling PowerBook




Activity workbook for substance abuse prevention with 27 lessons for young teens. Perfect for youth clubs, health classes, church programs, or for parents and grandparents.

Features: Builds Strong Children! Information, problem solving skills, cultural pride & future goals, art, knowledge, role playing, drama & communication. Teens learn “I am somebody and I have somewhere to go.” Science based, statistically significant effects! Listed on the National Registry of Effective Prevention Programs (NREPP).

New and revised 2015. Information on prescription drugs, and extensive story collection, exciting activities for methamphetamines, inhalants and ecstasy prevention. 20 new pages.

An online sample of a lesson from the PowerBook is available here. Suggested donation $10.00.
Spiral Bound Book 131 Pages
ISBN: 0-9656732-0-0 Item Number: 004


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