Storytelling Project | Facilitator’s Manual




The Storytelling Project is a series of 10 activities to help youngsters and adults alike to practice the oral traditions of storytelling through games, improve, learning the stages of stories and transforming a personal experience that was difficult, like as “test” into a story from the mythic realm. Helpers, archetypes and archetypal characteristics provide the template for stories. The Storytelling Project, designed for youngsters, can be adapted for adults. End the activities with a storytelling concert by participants. Art activities, stories and plays are included and can be used to round out this dynamic activity book.

Facilitator’s Manual: Ten activities with additional hints and tips for facilitators to assist them in helping youth learn to tell their own stories. Download book here. Suggested donation $3.00.

Spiral Bound Book 50 Pages
ISBN: 0-972889-3-4 Item Number: 053


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